"Toni is enthusiastic and fun to work with.  She's a creative problem-solver, has an eye for design and pays attention to detail.  The results are satisfying and beautiful.  Call her!"

“Apart from the beautifully finished product – our built-in wall of bookshelves – it would be hard to say what was the next best thing about working with Toni:  her engagement in the project from the beginning, her expert advice when we were unsure just what we wanted, her enthusiasm for envisioning it, ingenuity in designing it, and craftsmanship building and installing it, her comfortable presence in our home as she worked here, her thoughtful attention to every detail, her complete professionalism. . . .  the list could go on.  Years later, we appreciate our lovely bookshelves every day, literally.”

"When the idea of remodeling our bathroom into a Japanese style bath began to take form, we were already very familiar with Toni's work. Toni's use of wood in a natural state using the "live-edge" of the tree seemed perfect for creating a Japanese aesthetic. Designing an "ofuro" style bath was definitely a mutual creation as Toni listened to our ideas and desires and included her own vision. She was very intent on giving us a clear image of what we were creating together and built "mock-ups" out of cardboard that we could place in the space and modify to make the idea really work. Toni has such a great appreciation of wood that her enthusiasm became infectious. I was excited to go and look at huge slabs of Madrone. This gave us such an appreciation of the wood as a part of the history of our area and gave the finished creation a feeling of great intimacy. She  worked with our stone sculptor who created a carved sink from a red granite boulder. Toni created the perfect Madrone pedestal for the sink with a 4 inch thick slab of a Madrone trunk. One year later, the condition of the pieces are as pristine as the day they were completed. They are truly built to last and are one of a kind. 
At all times, her respect for our privacy and maintaining a clean work area despite the ongoing work within our home was greatly appreciated. My whole family uses this bathroom on a daily basis. It is the centerpiece of our upstairs and a joy to relax in at the end of a long day."

"Toni built beautiful closet doors for me last year. She had an intuitive sense of the material and we shopped together for the hardware, which was fun! She has also built my detached garage/studio/deck which was an incredibly fun project. When it came to choosing the doors for the garage, she presented a few prefab ideas but then showed up one morning with a photo of the most beautiful sliding doors which, with my enthusiastic nod, she recreated in her shop. This project has brought nothing but joy to me and my family.”

"Toni has worked on a number of projects for Marcia and I over the years: cabinetry and counter work in the kitchen, a small and intricate cabinet for keepsakes, a bookshelf. Her largest work to date was a furniture piece for the living room that contains our entertainment systems. It’s too nice to call it an entertainment center, which brings to mind a big box dominating a room. Toni designed it specifically to avoid that look. Made of cherry wood, it includes a disguised set of drawers, compartments for speakers, hidden by a lattice work of cherry wood strips. The top is a solid cherry wood slab, which creates an artful finish to a beautiful piece, which complements and graces our living area. Toni brings a lot of creative ideas and energy to her work, but the planning is always a dialogue between creator and client, and the work evolves with the influx of practical considerations, new discoveries and insights. We have some other projects in mind for our house and we hope that Toni will be available to take them on."