I am passionate about wood working and enjoy working collaboratively with clients to create whatever it is they envision. If you have an idea, I will work with you to custom design a piece that meets your needs. One of the greatest things about working creatively with my clients is finding the perfect, unique piece of wood for their project and allowing the material to inform the design process. I love knowing the history of the tree that the material came from and understanding the grain and unique characteristics of each piece of wood. I am endlessly fascinated by the movement of wood and its relationship to light and I never tire of the process of getting to know each new material and figuring out what form it will take. I believe fiercely in quality craftsmanship and there is nothing better than building something for a client that will stay with them throughout their life and be passed down over time.

I am trustworthy, clean and tidy and care about getting the job done well with integrity. While I love being in my shop working with beautiful materials, I equally enjoy communicating with clients and helping them articulate their dream piece. If you have a small, unique project, please do not hesitate to call me. I look forward to hearing from you.


I have been a wood worker for 15 years but have been working with wood and learning how to fix things since early childhood. In 2004, I went to fine woodworking school at the Center for Furniture Craftsmen in Rockport, Maine. There, I learned the benefits of working with hand tools instead of power tools. Though I am mostly self taught, I am always continuing my education by taking local classes and workshops at Ballard Wood Works.

I moved to Seattle from the midwest in 1978 and soon after joined  the Military to become a jet mechanic from 1979 - 1983. I  then worked for Boeing as a Flight Test Mechanic on the 747-400 for 3 years before  realizing I was not a big factory kind of gal and I now continue to apply the many skills I gathered there to working with wood.

Presently, I have a personal project near Port Townsend that I bought with my partner in 2006. What started as a raw piece of land has become a retreat space and workshop with two cabins, an outdoor spa, and an outdoor kitchen and eating area all built by me with the help of various friends and family. I am fascinated by what I have learned from this open space and am excited to continue creating dwellings and exploring new building ideas. My other passions include tennis, racquetball, triathlons, marathons and, of course, my incredible community of friends and family in Madrona.

 "Toni is enthusiastic and fun to work with.  She's a creative problem-solver, has an eye for design and pays attention to detail.  The results are satisfying and beautiful.  Call her!"